About Amber Ivey

The owner of Amber Ivey Fine Art is Amber Bostwick, an Auburn graduate, who moved to Mobile in 1993. Amber Ivey Fine Art features local art, photography, and furniture. All of the local artists featured in her gallery, except for one, live in the Spring Hill community: Chip Hale, Donna Davis, Bill Kraus, Lala Courtney, Tazewell Morton, Kristen Stacey, Al Quiovers, Jenn Meador and Paula Kiszla.

In 2008, Amber Lane Designs began as a studio for art. In the first years of the studio, Amber covered her overhead by teaching art lessons. With two employees helping her, they conducted art workshops and open studio hours for adults. In 2012, upon the arrival of her third child, Henry, she closed the studio and continued painting at home. The demand for her work continued to increase, and by the end of 2013, she moved back to the corner of Old Shell Road, two suites down from her previous studio, to a much larger space.

Over the years, Amber Ivey’s style has developed her career as a studio artist, evolving from a whimsical format to an eclectic collection of abstracts using mixed medium. Her passion for art has led her to become a locally renowned artist, working with area decorators and regional retail shops. She is represented by Alexander and Victor Fine Art and the John-Richard Showroom in High Point, NC. Amber’s inspiration comes from life around her,

“I am mostly inspired by people. I paint happy memories of life abstractly, including special events. I love scenes and history; I paint many chapels and the events that are held there: baptisms, weddings, choirs singing, etc. Scenes of celebration are my favorite.”

Amber’s mission is to be unique and offer the best customer service. Each of her pieces is creatively designed, hand painted, and often personalized. Amber is enthusiastic when describing her work:

“My favorite part of this business is getting to create every day in my studio. I have so much gratitude that this is what I get to do! The people that I work with every day, too, are what I love. From the other artists, to my employees, I love the team work! We have so many creative minds working together, and it is so much fun!”

Amber’s awards and honors for her artwork are numerous and diverse. They include but are not limited to the following awards:

Voted best art gallery in 2016 by Lagniappe

Voted Best Local Artist: Lagniappe People’s Choice Nappies 2015

Nominated for Best Mixed Media Artist 2015

Amber Ivey Fine Art nominated for Best Art Gallery 2015

Won Best in show Abstract Piece -Cathedral Art Gallery 2014

featured in Neiman Marcus among the Top 25 preview artists Spotlight on Art 2015-2016

Amber’s favorite fine art painting that she has completed is a series called At the Bar, which is currently being reproduced by Neiman Marcus. Its catalog, Horchow, sells the giclees (prints on canvas). She has been commissioned several times to repaint it for her customers, yet each one is unique. The restaurant Legacy Grill has a large version, 72×72, of the painting across their bar. Many other customers have commissioned Amber Ivey to paint the same painting while adding personal touches, such as specific hair color, special dates, quotes, etc.

Amber is also busy raising her three children Ann Ivey (11), Bay (8), and Henry (3). Ivey’s children are all artists, having grown up in an art studio with their mother inspiring their imaginations. Ann Ivey is mostly excited about using clay and mixed media, Bay is very talented in his love of drawing, and Henry loves it all, creating unique crayon murals this year on the family’s freshly painted walls.

The family loves joining in on projects together, as well. This summer, Ann Ivey and her mom will be a team, leading the arts and crafts at Vacation Bible School where they attend church, Ashland Place United Methodist Church. Greg is a tremendous part of Amber Ivey’s business, completing a lot of the wood work behind the scenes, assembling the structures for the “torn” series, as well as helping her prepare backgrounds for paintings.

The next time you need a new piece of artwork for your home, are looking for furniture or decorating idea, or have an idea for a piece that you would like to be commissioned, stop by the Amber Ivey Fine Art studio.

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